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“Let’s ask ourselves” What is sacred geometry?…
the synchronicity of the universe is determined
by certain mathematical constraints which
express them in the form of
Patterns, Forms, and Cycles in nature.




Snail Shells

Flowers, spiral galaxies (Universe), spiral snail
shells. These are examples of mathematical
and geometric constraints, they are confirmations
that certain proportions are woven into the
very fabric of nature. Recognizing this helps
us to understand why they are considered sacred.

They are everywhere, they are
universal products of the delicate balance
between chaos and order.

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Our Logo is Sacred Geometry.
This means it is made up of two Tetrahedrons.
A tetrahedron is a three-sided pyramid, with
equal sides and equal 60-degree angles.

making the connection

When two Tetrahedrons are attached together a
double Tetrahedron is created. When viewed in 3d
and slid into itself as in an energy field, it
becomes a star tetrahedron or Merkaba.


The sun emits an enormous amount of electro-radiation
(Solar or light energy)
Humans can see only a fraction of this energy, which
is referred to as “visible light”
The manner in which solar energy
travels are described as waves. Scientists can determine
the amount of energy of a wave by
measuring its wavelength; the distance between
consecutive points of a wave, such as
from crest to crest or from trough to trough.

Sacred Geomerty Light Spectrum

Light energy is the light force of the sun
traveling to the earth in the form of radiation
and energy is the force created in the process.
The radiations energize the poles creating an electromagnetic
the field that encircles the earth.

Geometry, Geo-Metry comes from the Greek words Geos (Earth)
and metron (to measure); translated (Measuring the Earth) or
(Earthly Measurements) and were traditionally restricted to the
Sacred Geometry has been around for ages, in many forms;
Chinese, Phoenician, Hindu, Sumerian, Egyptian, and Greek.

The electric fields; or energy grids lay lines and certain
covercies create power points on mother earth.
The energies create photosynthesis which enhances plants growth.

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