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There is historic evidence that Moringa was in use thousands of years BC. by
the Romans, Greeks, Chinese and Egyptians.

Ten jars of sweet moringa oil, are believed to have been used
in the funeral procession of Maya (kvg3)


Approximately 2000 BC, Moringa Leaves were first considered to be a medical herb,
a Ayurveda; the oral tradition of Indian medicine,
believed that Moringa prevents 300

In the ancient world the Romans, Greeks and Egyptians,
extracted oil from the Moringa Oleifera Tree,
which was used for fine oils,
perfumes and medicine.

In the Apocalypse of John refers to “The Miracle Tree of Life”
in three places (Rev 2:7;22:2,14)

These are pictures of glorious possibilities of life which
await the redeemed soul. In Ezekiel’s picture of the ideal
state and the Messianic age, there flows from
the sanctuary of God a life-giving river having trees
upon its banks on either side, yielding fruit every month.
The leaf of this tree would not wither, nor its fruit fail,
because that which gave moisture to its
roots flowed from the sanctuary. This fruit was for
food and the leaves for medicine (Ezek 47:12)

Moringa Oleifera and
the Annunaki

The visitors known as the Annunaki which came from a distant planet
carried with them on their long sojourns to earth a plant with
medicinal qualities native to their planet. They grew this in special
gardens shielded from the full intensity of the sun.

This plant could renew their cellular structure a type of growth hormone
stimulant which they took in the form of a bath soaked in the plant.
Reputed to rejuvenate, it gave rise to the legend of the Fountain of Youth,
which was misunderstood. In fact, it merely slowed a degenerative disease
that the transplanted humanoids suffered from while on earth.

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