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Containing and abundance of minerals, vitamins, and amino
acids, our Superfood, Moringa Light Energy™ fresh and
naturally dried Gold Leaves and Powders are known to have a
wide range of medicinal uses. Other than being
hepatoprotective or having properties that protect the liver,
scientific studies show that Moringa leaves lower
cholesterol and act as a cardiac and circulatory stimulant.
They also possess the following properties:

Nutrition facts and amino

nutritional content leaves

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Important Research Articles

Moringa Leaf Extract and Lung Cancer

We at Moringa Light Energy are committed to discovering the ever growing health benefits of Moringa Oleifera.
Many new researchers and scientists are catching wind of this amazing plant and its seemingly miraculous properties.

Extensive research has been conducted on theMoringa Oleifera leaf extract and its effect on lung cancer.
You can see the amazing article by clicking below.

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