(P) Fountain of Youth

Moringa Light Energy Fountain of Youth Essence is derived from the Moringa Oleifera Tree known as the Miracle Tree of Life. This extraordinary and amazing tree holds the emotions, spirit and special energies transforming cosmic sunlight, completing the process of attaining beauty, youthfulness, healing, magnetism as well as reproduction.

The signature of Moringa Light Energies trees represent purity, perfection, healing, lightness, innocence and youthfulness. They are edible and contain powerful and potent anti-aging properties. By taste, the Flower, Seed and Leaf are very sweet and at the same time tart and spicy. The sweetness according to its signature is nourishing, rejuvenating, replenishing, rebuilding and regenerating. The spicy taste is detoxing and dispersing, eliminating old energies as well as older energy layers withing the body.

We have recently discovered that the Moringa Tree has more amazing propertiesStar Image
than previously known. Biochemical analysis has shown that certain parts of this amazing tree and its leaves, contain large amounts of plant hormones Cytokinins, such as Zeatin. These Cytokinins delay senescence in many plants….. the process that causes aging. Zeatin delays aging by its interaction on cell division and its substantial antioxidant properties. It is known that Moringa Oleifera contains two to three thousand times more Zeatin than any other plant known to man. It is invaluable in its attack against Free Radicals, with its powerhouse of antioxidants, containing high

amounts of Vitamin A,C, and E and has 92 nutritional compounds and 46 antioxidants. By the process of neutralizing or eliminating the Free Radicals, it is possible for the deterioration of the telomeres to be lessened, allowing for their preservation. Our scientists believe that by attacking the Free Radicals with all of the energized parts of the Moringa Oleifera Tree and in addition to the massive amounts of Zeatin, as well, that this can potentially be accomplished.

Through our research of Ancient Civilizations, we have discovered and developed an original and unique layering methodology implementing various energies that are infused into our Fountain of Youth™ Essence. Acting on the body, it simultaneously unleashes healing vibrant energies deep within. The layers are infused into the essence and embedded within the memories of the water molecules. Once it is ingested, the various energetic layers unveil themselves so that each will spark activation when absorbed into the physical, mental, spiritual and auric fields of the body. This will facilitate transformations to bring about changes in you from negative, unbalanced, unhealthy states to highly positive, vibrant and energetic states of vitality. Various chakras, meridians, and energy centers within the body enable positive changes to occur in the quest for seeking your highest potential for good health and youthfulness.


Each layer will respond to your energy center through the signature of the plants healing frequency
wavelengths and magnetic fields. Our essence is infused and layered on the 33rd parallel commonly known
for its highly energized magnetic vortex field. The layers transform themselves in order to be manifested in
color ranges and hidden symbolic Archetypal messages.

Enjoy the benefits of this truly unique essence with the potential to increase our telomeres life span, to give
you a renewed life force, and to help slow down the aging process sustaining that youthful appearance…..

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